Bold, authentic, & rooted in the heritage and delicacies of Northwestern & Southwestern CHINA.
Heavenly Asian Cuisine & Lounge is honored and excited to be part of the Historic Valley Junction! Our mission is to deliver exquisite authentic flavor, fresh ingredients and a high-quality cuisine which defines the Heavenly experience.

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About Heavenly
The foundation of each dish that we offer is rooted in the Gansu and Sichuan style cuisine from the northwestern & southwestern regions of China.

Gansu cuisine has changed little from the province’s ancient status as the gateway to the Silk Road. As the province is landlocked, with desert, mountain, and plains areas, the food has always been hearty and filling. Typical meat cooking methods used in ancient times which features the roasting, steaming, and braising of beef and mutton. These methods tenderized the meat and developed intense flavors. People live in that region enjoy many tastes including salty, fresh, tart, and spicy. 

Sichuan has been known as the land of plenty since ancient times. While it does not have seafood, it produces abundant domestic animals, poultry, and freshwater fish. Sichuan cuisine is well known for cooking fish. As a unique style of food, Sichuan cuisine was already more than 800 years ago during the Southern Song Dynasty when Sichuan restaurants were opened in Lin’an, now called Hangzhou, its capital city. Sichuan cuisine has an incredible depth and complexity of flavor, hitting all sense receptors in your mouth, nose, and gastrointestinal system at the same time. The province's climate is brutally humid, damp, and steamy in the summer and damp and chilly in the winter. Sichuan's weather is a popular folk explanation for the local taste for chilies. 

It is Heavenly’s vision to fuse the history of these two regions along with the vintage charm of the Historic Valley Junction, and the modern vibe today's foodies have come to expect. In addition, our elegant lounge offers unique selection of Heavenly special tea, custom crafted cocktails, a handpicked selection of sparkling, sake, white and red wines, local rotating craft beer from Confluence, and as well as a large selection of domestic and import bottles and cans to pair with any pallet or dish.

We appreciate your reservations to ensure availability.   A 15% service charge will be added to groups of six or larger.
Event Celebrations
  Heavenly can help you celebrate special occasions by providing customized menus that meet your budget. We have two private rooms that can accommodate 16 guests each or our we have a maximum capacity of 140 guests. ​ Give us
​a call to learn more and reserve it today!